We believe in small business. We believe in the women who drive it and we support them. We believe that everyone has a place inside them where they aspire to support the nostalgia and personalization that goes into handmade items, and this forms the very foundation of the Homegrown Freshies vision. 

Homegrown Freshies celebrates the Southern lifestyle with our collection of handmade air fresheners, soft lotions & room sprays that enhance any home with true Southern charm. Our Texas inspired collections are handmade and named in favor of the southern lifestyle, and the fragrances are southern favorites. The entire Homegrown Freshie Collection offers much versatility, allowing you to use them in a variety of places and spaces. Not only that, they're super cute and fun, too!
At home or at work, from rear view mirrors and car consoles to RVs, trailers, lockers, closets, drawers and kitchens, the Air Freshener & Room Spray Collections can grace any space. The Soft Lotions are a delicious way to moisturize in gorgeous fragrance.
All Homegrown Freshie products are handmade daily, by us, in Texas with the best ingredients we can find.